Welcome to our 360° Feedback system. We are launching this system as part of our Fit for the Future initiatives. It provides a valuable opportunity for our staff to provide and receive feedback on each other as a means of improving performance.
360° works by gathering the opinions of a number of people within the business on you – your line manager, colleagues, peers and others with whom you have regular dealings – not to forget you also! 

Participants are prompted to answer a series of carefully structured questions which have been designed to assess your behaviour against a set of  behaviours we want to encourage in our business.

The responses from all the participants are then compiled into a feedback report which will then be discussed with you and your manager as part of the annual PMD process.  The respondents cannot be identified in the report and because we are using an outside third party to administer the scheme, this offers the opportunity for people to give confidential feedback in a safe environment.

Thank you for taking part and helping us get Fit for the Future.

Kind regards,